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About us

The year is 2005…Advocate Tamar Rubinstein decides that it is time to go back to her job at the Ministry of Communications. All she has to do is find a suitable nanny for her children… From this point on the road to desperate searches, expectations, disappointments and most of all, to realize that it's a difficult task – is a short one. They're either too young or too worn-out or smokers or not very warm or they don't drive or don't have experience or find the hours inconvenient or they're simply illegal…
Tamar Rubinstein Recruitment Agency was established out of the realization that there is a genuine shortage in the market of high quality, legal employees whom are able to meet the very high standards demanded of the people we bring into our homes and entrust with the care of our most prized possession.
Since 2005 Tamar Rubinstein Recruitment Agency has expanded in staff and in areas of activity ,but its primary field remained the domestic recruitments of house keepers, baby sitters and nannies and caregivers. Tamar Rubinstein Placements is attentive to the needs of thousands of families from all around the country and its' motto is – LEAVE IT TO ME!The skilled staff of Tamar Rubinstein Placements will locate for you the worker most suited to your needs, challenging as they may be. Moreover, in order to find the best help for you, every worker who approaches us (including Mary Poppins), must undergo a comprehensive occupational assessment by a certified assessor who examines, among other things, the personal, familial and employment history of the worker, as well as reviewing his record of continuous employment.
The professional recruitment team at Tamar Rubinstein Recruitment Agency are also recruiting reliable, quality and professional employees for the business sector .

Information for employees

No matter how you look at it, you always come to the same conclusion: A good worker is a satisfied worker. Everyone gains from a satisfied employee one who is appreciated, rewarded and hence also utterly devoted …
In this spirit and with no obligation on your part (no payments, no exclusive rights and no binding agreements), we invite you to find the job you are looking for, indeed the job that would suit your hours, your language, your qualifications, your constraints…..the specific job you wanted, the one you couldn't believe you'd ever find .
The professional stuff at Tamar Rubinstein Placements will serve to you a rich and diverse selection of positions in childcare, household maintenance and care giving. In order not to waste your precious time with useless interviews, we will provide you in advance with extensive information on the employer, and a complete picture of the position and working environment .
You loved the job? The family seems lovely? Wait a minute…don't go anywhere yet. That is, we're not going anywhere…Although we are not your employer, we will accompany you throughout the entirely absorption process; we will continue to be there for you to deal with any complaint or request you may have